Muscle mate massage™

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Product Specifications

Silentforce Technology™

30-speed, high performance brushless motor - A super quiet, therapeutic experience.

Long-Lasting Battery life

High grade 2500mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.

Advanced Speed Options

1-30 speed range at 1200-3600 r/min

1 = ultra mild
10 = mild-moderate
20 = moderate-hard
30 = ultra deep

Type of therapy

The Round Ball™

Our most commonly used attachment. For a deep, therapeutic massage which is soft on bones and joints.

The Chisel™

Great for larger muscle groups and stubborn muscular pain. Great for back and quads.

The Thumb™

The attachment of choice for those really hard to reach places. Effective around the shoulder blades.

The Fork™

One of our favourites. Ultimate muscular relief around the spine and areas of high muscle tension.

The Bullet™

This one will blast away those deep, nagging knots that standard massage techniques cannot.

The Flat™

A satisfying and therepuetic experience that will stimulate blood flow and relieve muscular soreness.

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